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a (indefinite)
   One; any indefinite example of; used to denote a singular item of a group.

barista (plural baristas or baristi)
   A person who prepares coffee in a coffee shop for customers.

self-care (uncountable)    
   Efforts made by individuals to maintain physical and psychological well-being.

zine (plural zines)
   A low-circulation, non-commercial publication of original or appropriated texts and images, especially one of minority interest.


Hi, my name is Devin, I'm a non-binary cafe manager in San Francisco. The idea for this zine originated with a me and a group of Starbucks partners in San Francisco in 2019, with the contributors expanding to include my best friend and folx with non-corporate cafe experience. I've often struggled with prioritizing my own self-care. I figured it would help me to have a book I could flip through when I'm feeling frazzled, flustered and fried. I also wanted to maximize accessibility. The zine exists both as an Instagram square format (@baristaselfcare) and as a DIY zine that you can print at home. Our hope is that others will take the work we've done here and add their own voices to it! Make new versions of your favorite pages! Document lessons you've learned that didn't make it into the 1.0 zine! And most importantly, share! Self-care is a team sport.

"Credit where credit is due"

A Barista Self-Care Zine
Words and Art by Devin Berry

Additional Contributions by
Kelsey Baptista
Melissa Laughron
Arielle Rebekah Gordon

"If you love it, you must set it free"

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Digital Version #1: square format (looks best on most devices)
Digital Version #2: split-page format (looks best on some devices)
Print Version: print double-sided, flip on short edge

Some Assembly Required: A DIY Guide to Zining (included in Coffee People Zine #11)

If you've never printed a zine before, this guide can help! You'll want to print this out and look-up how to cut and fold "one-page zines" .... or just find the Instagram highlight reel on our Instagram account and follow the steps there.

"I have questions, comments, concerns"

The best place to get in touch with us online is on Instagram @baristaselfcare. You can also contact us at baristaselfcare@zoho.com but replies might take time.